A Consultancy & Design Service  for all Sectors

requiring their Operation or Processes

to be carried out in a Controlled Environment



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Clean Process Technology, services the establishment, certification and optimization of Controlled Environments for all sectors, activities and processes.

The combination of competitive pricing and unique investigative techniques is attractive to a Customer base that spans all sectors relying on optimized controlled environments.

Services offered include:-

  • Cleanroom, Laminar Flow Unit and Isolator Certification

  • Clean Process Design

  • Root Cause failure investigations employing airflow visualization and contamination analysis services.

  • Controlled Environment Surveys, including ESD,  Periodic Monitoring and Cleanroom  performance optimization.

  • Filter replacement and performance verification, including Safe Changes.

  • Education and Training covering all aspects of Cleanroom Practices.

Click below to watch a short Airflow Visualisation clip.

Airflow Visualisation.wmv